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I had pressed control+D while playing for the jam at some point and found this in my bookmarks just now :D


haha that's my plan! Just kidding!

It's funny how controls on web browser can do that


Fun game, I liked it! How long did it take to make it?

it was for the mini jam.  But i only had a few hours to work on it because of errands

There were a lot of buttons here I had to experiment to find. Would have been nice to have arrow keys as an alternative for movement.

Music is neat, and I liked the title art and character portrait. Wasn't sure how to use the gun in my inventory so couldn't kill the boss. >_>

yea I had a whole keyboard image I was planning to show but I ran out of time.. oh well

I don't even know how to rate it :c There isn't much work there to somehow evaluate this entry.
And for some reason I started without a gun?? I thought that you can jump on enemies or make them shoot each other, but was smashed. Then I randomly pressed any buttons on my keyboard until I got the gun .-.


This looks to be a reskin of I believe it is the Corgi Engine demo level, but it could be a different game engine.  I like the artwork, but there seems to be no way to progress in the game after killing the mech.  Also, from the cave splash screen I was expecting some spelunking through caves with a flowing river.

yea I ran out of time lol

@Akusan that is too bad, because the splash art is awesome.  An endless runner with that cave chasing me, where if I am caught it becomes a cave of wonders, Aladdin moment would have been awesome.

that's what I had in mind