Game Made for Mini Jam 12 - Heroes. Limitation: Shapes Only

Play as the hero to rescue the princess from a city invaded by Slimes!

Keyboard Controls:

Space = Jump (triple jump), Glide (in air)
A = Left
D = Right
S = Crouch
W = Look up
Mouse = Aim
Mouse 1 = Shoot/Attack
L Ctrl = Jet pack
T = Switch Weapon
I = Inventory
Tab = Switch Aim view (Mouse/Analog 1/Analog 2)

Game developed by Akusan 


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Hero in 23 MB


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Did you write the music?   I enjoyed the music, I liked the multitude of different enemies.  Not a fan of mouse in browser games and having to click because it can cause the game to be unresponsive if you click outside of screen.  Also when I hit left control and then D it was bringing up my bookmarks, so it was hard to use the jetpack.  I like that there was a conclusion to this game.

thanks for the feedback on controls.. I need to refine it