Use mouse to click on buttons. After instructions, players can use Space bar instead of clicking the middle button.


1. Form 2 Teams (Blue and Red team). 

2. Hit the start button to begin the timer.

3. The center button shows the active team.

4. Active team needs to sing a song with the lyrics from the displayed word/term.

5. After singing the song, hit the center button to switch active team who will sing the lyrics of a song with the new word/term.

6. One point goes to the inactive team when the buzzer goes off or timer ends.

7. First team to reach 5 Points wins!


9/15/2019 - Hid the timer, words no longer repeat in each round but resets on a new game, added sound effects, current word list for parents (words from classic music), young adults or teens (pop), and kids (nursery rhymes).

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